Liberation Route Europe is a continuously growing, international remembrance trail that connects important milestones from modern European history. It forms a link between the main regions along the Western Allied Forces’ advance from southern England, to the beaches of Normandy, the Belgian Ardennes, South Eastern provinces of the Netherlands, the Hürtgen Forest and on to Berlin. The route then continues to the Polish city of Gdańsk, where a democratic revolution for overcoming the division of Europe was launched nearly two generations later.

Since 2016 the Liberation Route Europe started the development of the Southern route, starting in Sicily. Liberation Route Europe gives you the chance to discover and experience the route that the Allied Forces took during the final phase of the Second World War. It focuses on the liberation of continental Europe from the National Socialist occupation, and specifically, the long-lasting consequences of World War II.

Liberation Route Europe reaches across national borders that have divided our continent for far too long. It deals with individual nation states’ selective memories of the war, and calls for an international response, by seeking to examine the complex heritage of the Second World War from multiple historical perspectives. It connects this history with life in modern-day Europe, as well as other parts of the world, underscoring the role of international reconciliation and the promotion of reflection: reflection on the value of our hard-won freedoms.

Our aim, is to combine the Liberation Route with innovative and sustainable tourism products and special offers, in collaboration with our international partners, in order to make this core part of European history more visible and more accessible for visitors from all over the world.

Personally, as a Battlefield Tour Guide, I do have the required qualifications to call myself a LRE-guide as well. Within the LRE-framework I can take groups around the  Oosterbeek-Arnhem area and show them to important locations in this particular area.

Liberation Route Europe

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