Frequently asked questions

1. How can I book a tour? Send an e-mail with your question to

2. What does a Basic Battlefield Tour cost? The minimum price is the price of three participants (€ 125,=). For more participants 4-10 € 150; 10+  € 175

3. What does a customized tour cost? The price of the customized tour depends on the group size and the duration (half or full-day).

• Group size 1 – 3 participants, ½ Day Tour € 125
• Group size 1 – 3 participants, full Day Tour € 225
• Group size 4 – 10 participants, ½ Day Tour € 150
• Group size 4 – 10 participants, full Day Tour € 250
• Group size 11 or more participants, ½ Day Tour € 175
• Group size 11 or more participants, full Day Tour € 300

4. Are extras included? No, all extras such as museum tickets, coffee, tea, or lunch are NOT included.

5. How does the payment work? For bookings from the EURO zone, the price of the tour must be paid no later than 10 working days before the start of the tour. The bank details are on the invoice that you will be sent in advance by e-mail. For UK-based customers only, and in order to prevent additional banking costs, PayPal-payment is possible.

6. Is cash payment possible? If it can not be avoided, yes! But only after mutual agreement and/or to save additional international banking costs. PayPal payment is possible when using the e-mail:

7. Are discounts possible? In principle, no discounts are given. The tours are already competitively priced.

8. Can I change my tour to another date? Yes, you can and may, but only always after mutual consultation. Send an e-mail or call, then everything can be discussed

9. Can I cancel a tour and will I receive a refund? If you have to cancel, send an e-mail ( or call to report your cancellation. State clearly which tour it concerns and clearly state your name. The following applies to the refund of payments. Up to 10 working days (not Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays) before the start of the tour, 90% (NINETY percent) of the amounts already paid will be refunded. From the 10th working day (not Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) before the day of the tour until 00.00 hours of the calendar day immediately before the day of this tour, a 50% refund (FIFTY percent) of the amounts already paid will follow. No refund will be given from 00.00 hours on the day before the day of this tour.

10. How is transport arranged? The car of the guide can be used for a maximum of three people. With larger groups, it is possible to drive with a maximum of 5 cars behind and following the guide. For the hiring of (special) transport, you pay the transport cost price + 10% extra, in addition to the costs of the tour itself.

11. And if the tour is on a bike or on foot? In these cases, a clearly recognizable starting point is agreed with you. You use bicycles/e-bikes that you own or rent, for example at Arnhem Central Station.

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