Basic Battlefield Tours can be booked online.

Battlefield Tour prices (€) ( as of 01 March 2021)
Number of participants Basic Battlefield Tour Customised tour – half day

(max 4 hours)

Customised tour – whole day

(4-8 hours)

1-3 € 125 € 125 € 225
4-10 € 150 € 150 € 250
10+ € 175 € 175 € 300

Basic battlefield tours can be booked with the booking form.

Contents of the Basic Battlefield Tours. In these four tours, of 3-4 hours each, four crucial moments of the Battle at Arnhem are discussed. Together they provide a clear insight into the events between 17 and 26 September 1944, seen from a German perspective. The (re)actions of German units in the area and the British opponents are compared and discussed in the actual setting. So, the critical role of the terrain in these actions become clear as well as its consequences for the British Operation Market-Garden.


From left to right: tour 1 – Wolfheze surroundings (east of the Railway station), tour 2 -East side John Frost-bridge seen from the Nieuwe Kade, tour 3 – near Utrechtseweg nr 55 Arnhem, tour 4 – Sonnenberglaan Oosterbeek.

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